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Temporary Game Lines: Tape
Layout Design | September 30, 2021
Temporary Game Lines: Tape

Temporary Game Lines Tape Coaches need a temporary game line from time to time.  Exercises such as practice drills, group formation spacing, or phys. ed. exercises like four-square or pickleball require temporary tape. However, proceed with caution as most adhesives could lead to an expensive repair. Many adhesive tapes can peel away your gym floor finish and expose the maple…

Gym Floor Finish: Oil vs. Water
Gym Floor Maintenance | September 27, 2021
Gym Floor Finish: Oil vs. Water

Gym Floor Finish: Oil vs. Water Choosing which gym floor finish is best for your hardwood floor is an important decision. Mostly because facility maintenance wants a protective finish that improves playability and baller safety. However, differences between finish options can confuse facility operators. Which finish is right for your maple investment? Should you go with an oil-based or water-borne…

Wood Gym Floor Maintenance: Do's & Don'ts
Gym Floor Maintenance | September 23, 2021
Wood Gym Floor Maintenance: Do’s & Don’ts

Gym Floor Maintenance Tips Quality Hardwood Floors discusses gym facility maintenance issues every day. The QHF pros are regularly tossed wood gym floor maintenance questions.  Every facility is understandably different. In this article, we hope to address the most common advice QHF has passed on to our gym floor maintenance customers. Gym Floor Maintenance: Do These! Sweep Daily: If sweeping…

Court Layout - Submitting Artwork
Layout Design | September 22, 2021
Court Layout – Submitting Artwork

Court Layout Design Submitting Artwork Tips For Court Layout Design Every now and then it may be time to update your court layout.  Branding changes over-time through new logos , colors and lettering. Coincidentally, QHF Sports (QHF) has seen many teams update their logos and lettering when they’re gym floors are going through “sand-downs“, every 8-12 years. After sanding down…

Return to Play
Gym Floor Maintenance | September 22, 2021
Return to Play

Next to cost, a projects lead time to “ready for play” can affect how and when to service your gym floors. An unusable facility causes certain headaches such as event rescheduling and lost revenue. QHF Sports (QHF) works efficiently to return your team to the gym floor safely and on-schedule for all of your upcoming events. This is our business…