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Quality Hardwood Floors is now QHF Sports

Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc. is rebranding to QHF Sports starting this fall of 2022.  QHF Sports will now provide sports floor maintenance services for more than just permanent hardwood-maple gym floors. These additional services position QHF Sports as a premier sports floor authority for intermediate, collegiate and professional basketball and volleyball facilities. Making their floors 'ready for play'.

The new QHF Sports, Inc. brand name better aligns with the additional services we now offer for event centers, NCAA institutions, national tournaments sponsored by the NCAA and its member schools and professional NBA teams. Under the same management, QHF Sports continues to provide quality gym floor maintenance services to their customers.

QHF Sports

“Whether the gym is for a school district or a NCAA Final Four floor, we take pride in our work and appreciate all of our customers,'' - QHF Sports President Donald Rains.

Ready For Play

Since the summer of 2022, QHF has updated their operations facility to accommodate portable hardwood basketball courts. Many major universities and professional sports arenas use portable hardwood courts in order to host a multitude of events. For example, if an event center or school hosts a basketball or volleyball tournament one weekend and a concert the following week.

The new 12,750 sq. ft. conditioned facility allows them to receive and assemble portable floors to perform maintenance services in the same manner as permanent gym floors.  Once completed, QHF Sports can either store the portable court in the new facility or ship back to the customer.

QHF Sports Portable Floor Facility

About QHF Sports, Inc.

QHF Sports, formerly known as Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc., has maintained hardwood gym floors across the state of Texas for over 26 years. The company prides itself as being a premier sports floor authority by providing gym floor maintenance services such as: installation, design, refinishing, resurfacing and repairs. Our clients include Texas public school districts, private schools, recreational facilities, major universities and professional sports arenas.