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Submitting Artwork

Tips For Court Layout Design

Every now and then it may be time to update your court layout.  Branding changes over-time through new logos , colors and lettering. Coincidentally, QHF Sports (QHF) has seen many teams update their logos and lettering when they're gym floors are going through "sand-downs", every 8-12 years.

After sanding down existing game lines, or on new installs, QHF prepares a court layout for your approval and to guide our painting crews. It's important our project managers have the correct, updated artwork to provide the best possible court layout your fans and athletes will be proud of.

Let's go over some of the main items QHF needs to ensure your court layout stands out.

accepted file types

Image File Types

Branding changes over-time, and it's always a great opportunity to upgrade your sports floor with fresh logos and lettering to match your school or institutions new look.

QHF is happy to add logos and specific lettering to a new court layout. Be sure to send QHF a vector file when submitting your artwork for court layout design.  Vector files are different from raster (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc) image files, as they can be resized without losing integrity.  In other words, a vectorized file can be resized to the size of a dime or the width of the court.  Vector files that we accept for layout design are:

  • .PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

You Paid For It, Put It On Your Court

Your school should be proud of your logo, and you paid good money for it to be designed.  It's important to send us one of the above formats to showcase your school's logo correctly   Whomever created your logo, in whatever program, will be able to send you a vectorized file in one of the above formats to have us put on your new floor design.

If you have multiple files to send us (fonts, lettering, logos, etc.) you may send us a .ZIP file to ensure we have everything we need.

Custom Lettering

Along with your custom logos, many gyms want their sports floor to standout with their own lettering.  Similar to logos, some teams, or conferences, may have their own lettering.  Just like the vector images, QHF will need to receive the font files your teams uses to match your brand.

Be sure to .ZIP up any fonts you want QHF to use when designing your floor layout.

lettering design

Custom Colors

QHF can accept requests for specific brand-matching colors.  We ask that color codes or swatches of each color be submitted at least 3 weeks before work begins.  Acceptable color codes are Pantone PMS and Sherwin Williams number-codes.

color swatch

Still need help submitting artwork?