ut tyler patriots 3d

UT Tyler Patriots - Comp. Gym

The UT Tyler Patriots competition floor is huge (21,500 sq. ft.). The Patriots but a Texas-sized logo with bold borders to tie it all together. This sports floor features both main basketball and main volleyball game lines. At first glance, there seems to be alot going on with this floor, but it's clean enough to show off!

The QHF Sports team first sanded the entire gym down to the bare northern maple. The entire maple floor outside the playing area is 2nd Grade or better maple, while the playing area is 1st grade or better. Once sanded, our team began lining the playing floor to stain the 3-point wings. The Patriots' floor uses a subtle Colonial Maple stain in side the 3-point area, leaving the lanes natural.

Laying out a 40 ft. x 40 ft. UT Tyler Patriots logo is not an easy task. However, our crew did an excellent job piecing together a large center piece to the playing area. The result was a beautiful 4-color paint-on-paint logo that demands attention. The 6 ft. baselines hold the UT Tyler lettering. Additionally, university branding and social media handles were also tastefully added to the 4 ft. sidelines.

Institution : UT - Tyler

Sand / Paint / Finish : Prime Hotel

Year : Summer 2022

Location : Tyler, TX