Mercy Culture 3d

Mercy Culture Preparatory

Mercy Culture Prep school is part of the Calvary Christian Academy in the Fort Worth area. The Quality Hardwood Floors team sanded, painted and finished the competition floor. This floor features unique dual-stains with large bold paint.

The paint-buffed black 3-point areas are a subtle contrast to the classic-gray-stained playing area. This complimens the bold black borders. The Mercy Culture Prep logo stands out with gold and white paint. The gold paint allows the center logo and baseline lettering to pop out.

This MC Prep court is for main basketball and volleyball competition. However the gym floor has practice courts too. The floor features two side volleyball courts in white and 4 free throw tick marks for shooting practice.

Institution : Mercy Culture Preparatory School

Scope : Sand / Paint / Finish

Date : Summer 2022

Location : Ft. Worth, TX