san marcos academy basketball gym 3d

San Marcos Academy Basketball Gym

At the San Marcos Academy Basketball gym, QHF Sports sanded, stained, painted and finished the maple flooring in the winter season of 2022-23. This unique gym floor features paint-stained borders and 3-point areas along with large logos and lettering throughout. Game markings include main basketball, main volleyball with side practice courts.

The center court San Marcos Academy Bears logo features 10 colors, paint-on-paint.  Additionally, a full color player checking bear-head logo accents the center logo from the bench-side border. 

Provincial wood stain highlights both 3-point areas. This stain contrasts nicely with the solid green basketball game lines.  The lane blocks include San Marcos Academy initials.  A paint-stained border encloses the entire playing area with natural baseline lettering and solid white accents.

Institution : San Marcos Academy

Scope : Sand / Paint / Finish

Date : Winter 2022-23

Location : San Marcos, TX