QHF Sports: Ready For Play

Both athletes and fans alike covet the home-court advantage. However, pride turns to embarrassment overtime as wear-and-tear causes paint and finish to peel, floors to warp or worse. As a result, you need QHF Sports. You need a gym floor professional!

QHF Sports (QHF) provides a cost-effective solution ensuring the best possible gym floor appearance and performance. QHF has repaired, sanded, painted and refinished gym floors across Texas since 1994. In fact, QHF contracts with independent (and private) school districts, universities and NBA teams.  That being said, give the Texas gym floor professionals a call to assess your flooring needs. Additionally, QHF can update your gym floor layout and design; ensuring your athletes and fans are proud of their homecourt.

Want to Talk To A QHF SPORTS PRO?

If you are experiencing hardwood gym floor horrors, reach out to one of our experienced professionals today. We are happy to come visit your facility and provide solutions to get your floor 'ready for play'!

Latest Courts

Check out some of our work across Texas during this past Summer '23.